Red-Dawn Border Collies  


6 wk Pictures
Litter's Volhard Test
4 wk Pictures

Red-Dawn Paris & Kitty have 5 puppies.
2 black tri girls, 3 blue merle tri boys. Born Saturday October 29, 2005.
All 5 puppies went to experience owners and are in training for agility.
These pups are expected to be tall (20-23"), fast, leggy, athletic, great natural jumpers, very focused, high drive, work-a-holic temperaments. This litter was bred solely for fast, focused and athletic sport dogs. Both parents have produced multiple litters of very healthy and solid working dogs for Agility, SAR, Herding, Obedience, Conformation etc. Paris has consistently produced extraordinary agility dogs.
Their eyes were all CERF Normal at 7 weeks and the litter was Temperament tested at 6 weeks.
Alicia Ward

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"Jupiter" boy "Neptune" boy "Saturn" boy "Mars" girl "Venus" girl


3 weeks



 Three male blue merle tri border collie puppies *** Two female black tri border collie puppies