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Red-Dawn Aiden, Border Collie red merle tri
Red-Dawn Aiden CD RN OJP NAP CGC

AKC Companion Dog, AKC Rally-O Novice, AKC Preferred Standard & Jumpers, Canine Good Citizen, USDAA Performance Dog II
(USDAA titles earned while traveling with his uncle Mike Wagner)
Red-Dawn Aiden, Border Collie red merle tri

Red-Dawn Aiden

Parents: Imp. Sam x Fox
DOB: 8-15-2002
  • Elbows OFA Normal
  • Hips PennHip Certified
  • Hearing BAER Normal
  • Eyes CERF '02 '03 '05
  • Heart OFA Normal
  • Hips OFA Good
  • CL DNA Normal
  • CEA/CH DNA Normal

Aiden is a chocolate merle tri, 19 1/2" tall and 38#. He has a medium/ short coat. Ears are prick. He is longer than tall andRed-Dawn Aiden, Border Collie red merle tri well built. Correct conformation. He is better angulated in the front than rear. Aiden is a medium/ small size male and most his siblings are smaller than himself. His littermate brother, Red-Dawn Dallas, is 17" and 25#. His 1/2 brother, Red-Dawn Barny (a full brother to Bree) is also 17" and 28#. Red-Dawn Bree is 18 1/2" and 32#.

Aiden is the sweetest most pleasing dog that has walked the planet (in my very biased opinion...). He's 100% a pleaser. Totally devoted. Never told me no about anything. Very trusting. He's easy going- makes a nice house dog. BUT very focused on toys/ retrieving. He'll bring toy after toy to me to get me to throw. He 'snaps' on when a toy is presented and has an easy off switch when told to relax. He's also able to entertain himself- does not mind grabbing a bone to chew and lay at my feet, or play toss and fetch with himself. He is not clingy, just very bonded and a pleaser.

 He started showing in AKC agility July 2004- doing very well and quite responsive like his sister Bree. He has both of his Novice Preferred titles and is in Open now. He has multiple first places. I have him in the Performance/ Preferred division due to his leg/hock injury as a pup. He was bit by a dog in the hock joint at 12 weeks old- this injury stunted the growth plate there... you can imagine what he went through to have 2 NORMAL length legs. It required a lot of time, surgeries and therapy. I don't want to risk injuring it again after 18 months of recovery.... I was happy that he did so well his first weekend out! That same weekend Aiden got his third leg needed for his CD obedience title. We had a ton of fun!

He is also good Frisbee dog, a good catch and knows some 'fancy' throws, likes to 'catch air' even if he does not need to for a Frisbee. Very obedient and mannerly in all situations. He has a very stable temperament. Has been on sheep only a few times and shows an incredible amount of style and talent. He is super responsive and easy to work. Aiden's siblings, Bree & Barny, are competitive USBCHA Open Ranch & Nursery trial dogs. Barny also has his AKC Herding Championship.

Aiden is very bonded and connected with me. He cares about what he can do to make me happy. Very intuitive dog. He picks up on minuet details that many dogs do not ever notice. He is truly the perfect dog. Red-Dawn Aiden, Border Collie red merle tri

Imp. Sam is the father to Aiden, Bree & Barny. I'm very impressed with his kids' temperaments. Sam's brother is Scott, father to Paris. I've had wonderful litters from Paris in the past and I'm enjoying the Aiden kids now.

Red-Dawn Aiden, Border Collie red merle triImp. Sam's line is Irish. Sam is the son of Paddy Byrne's Sam- top winning trial dog in the UK. And his dad is Kilkerrian's Scott- a very famous dog. Sam's mom, Dell, has produced 9 dogs that have competed on the Irish National Team. See Aiden's pedigree page for details.

Aiden's mom, Fox, out of Imported Chip is line bred on Red Roy on her mom's side. See Aiden's pedigree page for details.


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