Red-Dawn Border Collies  



Red Dawn's Yabba Dabba Dawg "Dabbie"

Dabbie is turning out to be an AWESOME agility dog and a terrific dog to be with.  She's such a charmer!  All my students just love her.  She is so, so funny!  I could tell you stories about the funny things that she does.  I'd need a lot more time and more space than we have. 

At a recent show lots of people came up to tell me how nice Dabbie is and to ask where I got her.  She was so funny in her gamble run (got 1st place).  She went up the a-frame and couldn't find me because I was so far behind.  She turned around and went back over it.  By that time, I had passed her and was on the other side.  She was so upset that she couldn't find me.  The arena was so noisy that even though I was calling her name, she couldn't see me.  We finally connected and you should have seen her face.  Sheer joy!  Everyone watching on the sidelines was laughing.  She got all wiggly and happy, she jumped up on me like we had not seen each other for years.  Then she started looking around for the next obstacle, like she was saying, "There you are, now let's play". She's just so cute!

Another thing.  I've been working with her for the last six months to get into one of the chairs at the farm and wait for me to call her.  It's a great place for her because she's out of the way and yet right there for me to call her if I need her as a demo.  She knows "Get in your chair" and will fly across the agility area and leap into a chair.  For a while, she would hit it too hard and flip the chair over, then climb onto the back of it on the ground.  Now she's learned how to get into the chairs without flipping them.

  The funny thing is how she has decided to improve this game.  She has decided that she has to stay in a chair, but she doesn't understand that she has to stay in JUST ONE chair.  She'll sit in her chair for a while, then get bored and will walk or leap from one chair to the next.  If the other chair is a little too far, she leans way over and you can see her trying to decide if she can make the leap.  Sometimes she does and tries so hard not to knock the chair over and balances on it until it falls or settles.  She also walks all across my students laps if they are sitting in the chairs.  She just walks across from one person to the next, getting hugs and kisses, or just passing them on her way to another chair or another person.

She does all of this and never touches the ground.  It's hard to teach classes when she's such a clown.  I wouldn't think of stopping her from playing leap chair.  It's so cute and everyone gets such a kick out of it.

She's quite the charmer!

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy Dabbie.  She's so much fun to train that I'm finding myself working with her more than all my other dogs put together!

Thank you for breeding such a cool dog!  I know you were going to keep her, but I cannot thank you enough for parting with her and selling her to me

Kristy Netzer
Happy Dog Agility
Moorpark, CA

Dabbie with her sisters

Newborn Dabbie

Dabbie & Rev

Mom Alli nursing litter

Silly Dabbie eating dirt!

She is a black tri border collie born July 5. 2002. Parents are Alli Cat and Conformation Champion Alamar's Spur both black tri.