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Red-Dawn Border Collies

The Red-Dawn and C-Horse line of border collies are mainly owned, co-owned, bred, raised and trained by experienced breeders located around the world. Alicia Ward has semi-retired from breeding border collies and lives with just a few dogs. View the Albums for C-Horse dogs' pictures. C-Horse, located in Troup Texas, produces a couple litters each year of outstanding herding border collies.

All Red-Dawn border collies live in the house as pets, play in my yard and either sleep in crates at night or in my bedroom. They live together as one pack. Rule #1: all dogs must get along to live in my home. Some of the dogs I've owned have moved on to other homes and are not part of the Red-Dawn breeding program due to poor social skills. I believe that the majority of temperament traits are genetic and a minority are environmental. I provide good leadership plus structure to my dogs' lives, socialize them appropriately and train them well. The reason I believe my border collies have very good temperaments is primarily genetic, not my lifestyle.

My border collies get bathed regularly and groomed appropriately: nails trimmed, thorough brushing, hair on feet and ears kept trimmed, ears cleaned, teeth brushed/ mouthwash/ C.E.T chews etc. They get many outings each week to play and train in parks, agility, obedience, conformation and swimming in the warm months. I have regular dog parties and we LOVE going to doggie birthday parties and swim parties! We also herd sheep every chance we get.

I feed a fresh raw food diet: BARF. Most meals I feed a chicken leg quarter. I also feed a veggie/ offal/ tripe mixture weekly and a variety of 'other' meats. The border collies have as holistic a life as possible. Dr. Pam Montgomery sees the dogs for chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, nutritional counseling and homeopathy. The holistic approach we use is: support the dog's body with species appropriate food, provide whole food vitamins and supplements, give booster shots according to research studies, give Interceptor heartworm prevention, avoid the use of drugs (i.e. antibiotic) for non-life threatening issues (we use homeopathic remedies for most issues) and keep the dog's spine/ body in alignment. With this lifestyle, our goal is to locate the core health issues lingering inside each dog's body and stimulate the body with acupuncture and homeopathic remedies to heal itself into a fully healthy being. With this method I believe each of my border collies has the best possible chance to live a healthy life well into their teen years.

Most Red-Dawn and C-Horse dogs do not live at Red-Dawn. They too live in their owners or co-owner's house as a pet, are trained/ shown in at least one dog sport, plus receive proper nutrition and health care. Their parent is their owner for life. Red-Dawn is just the name used as one of the co-owners. If/ when the dog is bred I (Alicia) help decide the appropriate match, oversee the raising of the litter and help screen potential pup buyers.