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Bree's Pedigree

U-CH Red Dawns Bree HXAS OAP NJP RA AD   
UKC Show Champion
AKC Open & Novice Agility Preferred, Rally Advanced
   USBCHA Herding trial dog
AKC Herding Advanced, A Course Sheep Title, See Video
USDAA Agility Dog
High-In-Trial at an AKC Herding Trial
Video of Bree playing

Red Dawns Bree

Parents: Imp. Sam x Floss
DOB: 12-24-2001
  • Hearing BAER Normal
  • Eyes CERF '02 '03 '04 '05 '06 '07 '08
  • Heart OFA Normal
  • Hips OFA Excellent
  • Thyroid OFA Normal
  • DNA Normal CEA/Ch and CL

Bree is my perfect girl. She was born Christmas Eve 2001. She is 100% Irish, both her parents were imported from Ireland. Her pedigree is a collection of well known trial dogs and real working farm dogs. Bree is a full sibling to Red-Dawn Barny and half sibling to Red-Dawn Aiden. She is a sweet girl with all animals and people, plus a great addition to the family. Bree is most devoted to mom, Alicia.

Bree is in training and showing in obedience, agility, Frisbee, conformation and herding. Bree is a ball retrieving nut. Actually, she's a rock, 2x4, tire, stick, piece of trash, blade of grass, quarter, string (get the point yet??) retrieving fool. She'll pick up ANYTHING and bring it to the closest person to throw... the words "Okay, that is enough, go lay down!!!" are quite familiar to Bree-d-bree, also known as B.B.

She was named after the town "Bree" in Ireland.

Bree's eyes are CERF each year and her hips are OFA "Excellent", heart OFA "Normal", thyroid OFA "Normal", BAER hearing "Normal" and DNA Normal for both CEA/CH and CL.

Bree was trained for agility with Alicia (mom). If Mom can remember what obstacle is next! I can just barely keep up with speedy Bree. So far Bree has multiple first places. On the start line she likes to play. Tricks keep her warmed up before we go in. Spin right or left (forever) are her 2 faves'. Also run backwards, then 'stalk' mom on the "walk up" (one of her herding commands) is great entertainment for her and all the spectators. In Bree's first agility trial in a dirt arena it JUST HAPPENED to be the EXACT ring and entry gate for Bree's first herding trial at the Ft. Worth Stock show. Can ya'll guess what happened on the start line???? A beautiful outrun. I was quite impressed with it actually. Bree was one let down little girl when she hit the end of the ring and no sheep were to be found.... poor B.B. The agility run that followed was quite nice- too bad the ghost sheep kept her from a qualifying run.

Bree has her UKC conformation show championship.

Bree is a fully trained USBCHA Nursery & Open Ranch dog. She competed with handler Jimmy Walker at the Ft. Worth Stock Show Feb 7 & 8. She placed second overall. She did wonderful at her first trial.

She has an AKC Advanced A course Sheep title. Bree got 2 legs towards both her Intermediate B courses in AKC sheep herding and also got a High-In-Trial the same weekend! She shows AKC herding with handler Carol Collins. Currently she is working on her herding championship and has 4 points as of November 2007.

Bree is perfect. She is the best dog I've ever had the privilege to call my friend. She is a dream come true.