Red-Dawn Border Collies  



C-Horse Chilly HIAS   
Herding Intermediate A Course

Chilly is owned and bred by Carol Collins, C-Horse Border Collies. Chilly is the third generation of C-Horse dogs. She is from the second of the 4 repeat breeding of Sniper and Keeper. She and her full siblings are outstanding herding dogs. They are competitive on sheep, cattle and ducks. Chilly and her siblings are a wonderful line of beauty, brains, talent and health.

Chilly has her AKC herding A course Intermediate title. She is outstanding on ducks and sheep. She also works cattle on a regular basis. Chilly is a pleaser. She's soft natured, calm, biddable, affectionate and has a nice on / off switch.

Watch a video of Chilly herding ducks



C-Horse Chilly
Female. Blue Merle with tan points

Parents: C-Horse Sniper x C-Horse Keeper
DOB: April 1, 2008
  • Eyes CERF 2011
  • Hips OFA Fair
  • Elbows OFA Normal
  • Heart Normal