Red-Dawn Border Collies  



Red-Dawn Ceire  NA NAJ

Dad: Red-Dawn Paris     Mom: C-Horse Jolie

Ceire lives in Florida with his new owner Barbara who is preparing him for high level agility competition. Ceire's Hips and Elbows  OFA "Good", PennHip Certified, Eyes CERF "Normal", and his Hearing is BAER "Normal".

Update from Ceire's original owner Courtney Garis on 1/31/04
Oh yeah, here is an update on Ceire. I told you about the gamblers run and how he did it so well. But I didn't tell you what happened when everyone in the class found out he was only 11 months old. The truth is that no one and I mean no one believed me. They asked me how old he was when I started, did I go through all the classes and was I sure? Right after that he made the run. It was very funny, even Gerry Brown our instructor didn't think he was going to be as fast as he was. So he is coming along great. He is also starting to get the obedience thing too and his Frisbee is going great and my throwing is getting better.

Update from owner on 9/21/03
Ceire did very well in his obedience classes, and graduated with the best down stay, sit stay, and recall; in fact, the teacher often would give us harder assignments than the rest of the class because she knew Ceire was more advanced than the other dogs. Oh I forgot to mention that he was also the youngest dog in the class by a couple of months.
We started agility when he was 4 months. He is doing great and is better than I am right now. We are currently doing sequencing and he is one of the few dogs that has got weaving at an offset down pact, and he is still the youngest dog in the class.


I couldn't have asked for a better dog. He is great with everyone and hasn't met a person he didn't like. He has NO dog aggression, NO child aggression (we have no children and yet every time he is around a child he is sweet and good natured allowing them to walk him and he will even eat from their hand without biting!), and is all around everything that I wanted and more. His personality is very easygoing and free. Don't mistake what I say, he isn't one of those stupid border collies that runs around all the time. No he is a thinker and a great companion. If he wasn't, I wouldn't be able to take him everywhere with me including school and my husband's place of employment.

Some of the little things that I enjoy about Ceire was that he was fully potty-trained in three days. He was crate trained almost immediately. He was clicker trained for targets in three days and weaned off the clicker in two days. Ceire was never afraid of the see-saw either. He ran to the end of it without looking back. He fell off the dog walk once, but it didn't cause any fear in him at all. He got back up and did it again like it never happened.
Ceire's parents are an interesting mix. I met Paris and have played with him on several occasions. Ceire got his easy going spirit from his father, he also got it great retrieve drive from daddy too. Jolie is a cattle herding dog that is smart and tough. I've never met her, but I believe that Ceire did get some good things from her. From mommy, Ceire got the ability to think out his actions. Some people would see this as a bad thing, but in actuality it's great. Because of his ability to think, Ceire learned the weave poles in less than 6 weeks. He also got his size from mommy. Paris is smaller (19" ~35#'s) than Ceire, but we think that after he grows into his chest he will be about 40#'s give or take a few ounces. We had his hips X-rayed by the vet, his hips are absolutely perfect!
In closing, Ceire is a great puppy and promises to be an even better dog.