Red-Dawn Border Collies  



Red-Dawn AllFourOnTheFloor AX AXJ OF

Red-Dawn Aiden & C-Horse Jolie daughter. Four has many OFA certifications.

Four as a baby pictured with
 her big 'sister' Red-Dawn Josey
 out of Paris & Merlot
Four herds sheep and
competes in agility
From owner Julie,

Here are a couple of pics of Four from the Toledo, OH show, as you can see, she has decided she really likes agility.  We are also herding too, and she REALLY likes sheep. The herding instructor gave me a few ducks, so we can work ducks at home.

Four has earned her NA and NAJ, in her first four shows.  She makes a lot of baby dog mistakes, and gets pretty excited in her runs, but we are working on that at home.  At home she is a superstar, at the shows, her excitement level is a bit too high, but she will work it all out with maturity, I am sure.