Red-Dawn Border Collies  



C-Horse Target CD HSAS

Red-Dawn Paris & C-Horse Jolie daughter. Owned by Jessica Guttmann.

Target's hips are OFA Excellent and BAER hearing Normal

Letter from Jessica, February 2007:

Hello Alicia!
Well, Target is doing absolutely wonderful. She has helped my mother and myself with livestock during parades and around the house. We and our dogs, walk sheep down downtown Jacksonville, TX and Tyler, TX streets for the annual parades. It is truly an attraction to people and a huge distraction for most dogs. She is usually the number one pick to be a participant because she can maintain her composure so well and is so focused and tuned in. We have some longhorn cattle at our house in Athens, and she is our best dog to work them. We use her to help turn back and fetch when we are training our horses on the cattle. I will soon be getting her back in the show ring (obedience, herding and eventually agility).We have been through a couple of agility classes, but we still haven't competed. She could be ready in no time, I just need to keep up. ; ) In 2006, we competed in the Farm Courses (herding) and she blew the judges away. I think one judge is in love with her. He took pictures of just the two of them. I wasn't invited! He really commented on her ability to maneuver through all the courses and her accuracy.  I will continue to be in touch!
Thanks! Jessica

Letter from Jessica, December 2005:

...Target has her AKCA HSAs herding title and two legs towards her HIAs.  So, that needs to be finished.  I have been practicing obedience, so the next step is for her CDX competition.  She has been doing well, so hopefully it won't take too long.  I also want to finish her thera-pet classes.  I got deployed during the middle of it...   I had her in some agility classes, but that was also during my deployment time frame.  Anyway, I just wanted to give you a brief update on her.  Oh, I almost forgot.....she is working cattle pretty darn good too.  She goes to the horse shows with me, whenever I am in for the weekend and they have one, and we work the cattle in the back with our dogs.  They get a lot of experience.  Target surprised the heck out of me...she can bite when she needs to.  She is tough too.  We work about 30 cattle at a time moving them from one pen to another and then into the arena, so it gets a little cramped and sometimes a lot of kicking and charging from the cattle.  She was working one cow the last time we were there and another one jumped back somehow and stepped on her leg.  It scared me to death.  She didn't yelp or anything, she growled jumped up and healed the cow to move it on!!  I was like, "That's my baby girl all grown up!"  So, I am truly pleased with her working ability.  Yes, she does work way different than any of Mom's dogs or related litters, but I have discovered she was a late bloomer in a lot of things, but not obedience.  That has always been her strong point.  She is just softer in the arena or out working stock.  I have come to appreciate that because when there is really wild stock, everybody wants Target to go do it because she does it flawlessly.  She is now becoming more capable of handling the rougher stock.  She has been like my little flower watching her bloom.  I can't wait to get back home and finish her.  I think she has truly turned out to be a very versatile female. (More than I expected, but everything I hoped for.)

Talk to you later,

Jessica's mom, Carol Collins with two
of her border collies related to Red-Dawn dogs,
out of Suzey's Megan (also Sage's mom) and Imp. Scott (Paris' dad).
The black female is C-Horse River & the merle
male is C-Horse Sniper.
Both are top winning USBCHA sheep & cattle trial dogs.