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Red-Dawn Blue Sage MX, MXJ, MXF, CGC, MAD, TM-GOLD


Sage is a featured agility, Frisbee and trick dog in the currently editing feature film, "Dog Lover's Symphony."
Sage is Miss August in the 2006 Border Collie Puppy Calendar.
Sage just finished shooting a series a commercials and is planning on continuing her acting career.

2005, 2006 and 2007 USDAA Grand Prix semi-finalist
Qualified for 2008 USDAA Grand Prix, Steeplechase and DAM Team


Red-Dawn Blue Sage was born April 28, 2003. She is a blue
merle, blue eyed, medium coat Border Collie who weighs
30 pounds and stands 19" inches tall. She is registered ABCA

and AKC, OFA Good hips & Elbows, BAER Normal, CERF Normal

and DNA tested for CEA Negative & CL Negative.
border collie blue merle female, Red-Dawn Sageborder collie blue merle female, Red-Dawn Sage
Her parents are Red Dawn Paris and Suzey's Megan. Sage's
pedigree is kind of like the daughter of Lady and the Tramp, only
backwards. Her father has a pedigree of well-known herding
champions and her mother has a pedigree of working farm dogs.

Sage is a very fast and athletic dog who competes in agility. 

Her foundation  training was done with Susan Garrett. She was clicker
trained and is a smart, creative dog who is always willing to offer
new behaviors.

Sage got her name because "Sage" means one who is wise and

capable of making calm decisions, venerated for judgment and
wisdom (a name we plan on her living up to in her agility career).
"Blue Sage" because she is a blue merle and because Blue Sage
is a type of sage that comes from Texas, where she was born.
Sage lives in Southern California with mom Marla Friedler and her
two sisters, MACH Roxy (a Golden Retriever agility champion) and
little Sunny (a sweet little Chihuahua) and her two human sisters,
Lauren and Bryahn.
border collie blue merle female, Red-Dawn Sageborder collie blue merle female, Red-Dawn Sageborder collie blue merle female, Red-Dawn Sage
Sage has been around the agility ring since she was a tiny puppy,

accompanying mom and Roxy to shows almost every weekend.
She loves going to new places and staying in hotels. She spent
the first year and half of her life in foundation training and

working on proprioception skills to help develop this incredible canine athlete.
border collie blue merle female, Red-Dawn Sage
She is a sweet affectionate dog at home who loves to cuddle and
sleep curled up next to mom but when it's time to work she is fast
and enthusiastic. She is an extremely high drive dog. She is also
extremely smart and knows every dog, cat and human family member's name.

In fact, she has a huge vocabulary of words she understands.

Sage has been to agility workshops and camps with many of the
world's top agility competitors and trainers, including Susan
Garrett, Jen Pinder, Nancy Gyes and Greg Derrett.
border collie blue merle female, Red-Dawn Sage
Sage trains and plays (which is the same thing in her house) every
day. She goes on a 5-mile hike a few times a week to work on
strength. Then she does body awareness exercises and
foundation training. She is on a jumping program designed for her
by Susan Salo and she is an incredible jumper who can
bounce large distances.

Sage spends much of her time having fun and relationship building

with her mom. Sage loves to swim and play with water so
that is often her reward for a job well done.
border collie blue merle female, Red-Dawn Sage

Sage has also been featured in many dog training videos.

To order videos on agility and other dog training, check out  Dog Sports Video's web site.

Great things are expected from this little rocket.

border collie blue merle female, Red-Dawn Sage