Red-Dawn Border Collies  



Red Dawn Sweet Anticipation MX AXJ

Zip is a blue merle tri border collie. She was born November 5, 2002. Her father is Red Dawn Paris and mother is Red Dawn Merlot.

Zip is loved by her owners Susan and David Mitchell in Texas. David trains her for agility competition with Gerry Brown. Zip & David began showing Spring of 2004

Update from owners on 12/30/03
Zip is wonderful! She is in ongoing agility training (and fabulous I might add) and will be entering her first trial the end of February!!! Her nickname is "the wild mustang" and it suits her! She's no more than 5 inches wide (she runs through 5 inch openings without issue) and ALL leg - we love it! I've got to get David to send current photos - she's as cute as can be. She is DEFINITELY a smooth coat...

Update from owners on 9/3/03
Zip is just incredible. We still love her more and more every day. Both she and her 1/2 brother, Ceire, are doing fabulously well in agility class. They are currently in the same class and it is just too cute! David is such a great Dad - Zip could not be more loved and have a better home. She gets play and training time every single day and in between that she is just loved! She is absolutely the neatest creature. I love her temperament, her personality and her work ethic. She really is the most stable and assured dog I've ever owned. We will come back to you for our next one when I'm ready (I get the next puppy)!

Update from owners on 6/18/03
Zip starts her agility class tomorrow night and in fact she’ll be in the same class with your other pup, Ceire, a Jolie/ Paris pup.
Zip is now 19” tall (at 7 months)!!! I’m thrilled. She’s long, long legged with a very thin, lean body – EXACTLY what you’d want for the sport. She’s fast as the wind and in my opinion the absolute perfect mix of driven, self-confident but obedient. She does occasionally drive me crazy because she ALWAYS wants to play (something Gerry absolutely loves about her). Although she’s driven like nothing I’ve ever seen before – she’s got just the sweetest side to her. It’s that combination that we adore. You did well with this batch!!!!! I truly believe that in the next 5 years she will become a top performer in the sport. Keep watching…
I tell you… when we’re ready for our next dog – we’re coming back to you!
Susan & David

Update from owners on 3/5/03

We love to see what is in store for us each day with Zip. She went to her first agility trial (as an observer) last weekend and was absolutely fabulous. Very well adjusted and behaved and completely interested in the sport. She attracted a lot of attention because she's just so darn cute!
We'll send more pictures soon. She's thin, lean, and all leg (just the way we want her)! As much as I love my Jazz - Zip really has a nice temperament and the neatest personality. She's steady, curious, brave, independent but very obedient. She, Echo (my GSD) and Jazz are the best of friends. David and I sit out on the back deck in tears from laughter at watching Zip and Jazz race around the yard playing together. Ahh... border collie play!
David is doing a GREAT job of training Zip. In my opinion it's the right mix of training and just being a puppy. She starts agility classes in June. We just can't wait. From all indications - she's going to be an outstanding performer! Her herding instinct is definitely evident. We have one of those "giggle" balls that Zip is obsessed with (it's the special toy). When David gets that out for her - wow, you should watch her herd and go! Anyway, we just wanted to touch base and let you know how great she's doing. We'll have to send some pictures soon - she's really shot up recently. She's right at about 16 lbs (and again, all leg)! We did get the registration papers from you - thanks!
Let me know if you're going to be in the Austin area or are going to be at any shows. I am coming to the Terrell USDAA tournament in April (26-27) and am trying to get David to come along with Zip. Then you could come see us!
I've already told David that if he ever decides to leave me - there will be a custody battle over Zip! Even though she's his dog - I just love her too much! She's such a neat creature. Never, never, never, will I have anything by BCs from here on...

Update from owners on 12/31/02
Zip is awesome! She's got such spunk and the sweetest personality. We both just love her to death. She's exactly what David wanted - he is absolutely crazy about her! He's already got her leash trained, sitting, coming, and her cutest trick at the moment is when they are out front - he'll say - "Zip - ready to go home?" She'll race from wherever she is to the front door and in through the cat door! Don't worry though - she still gets to be a puppy most of the time! He's just getting a jump start on training. She's sleeping through the night now (sleeps in her crate right next to the bed). We've got her pretty well crate trained - next week she starts going to work with me. One of the funniest things to watch is Zip and Echo (my GSD) playing! She's got so much gusto and he just loves playing with her - it's adorable! Anyway - she really is doing very well and she absolutely couldn't be more loved! Gerry and Kathy Brown are coming over this evening so they'll get to meet her for the first time. They just turned 8 weeks today and I already see so much growth since she came home - more and more of her personality is coming through and she is a pistol!
Take care.

Update from owner Susan on 12/23/02
Zip is great! I'm amazed at how easy this has been. Usually the first week with a young puppy is rough, but she's been just great. She's exhibited absolutely no signs of anxiety - I expected her to stress in her new surroundings and miss her mom and siblings but she's been just fine. All of our other dogs are behaving well with her - they all get along. The cats and she are getting along well also. We've got her sleeping in a crate by the bed and we've only had to get up twice each night with her for a quick potty break. She's doing really well in the crate as well. She's learning that's her den where she eats and sleeps and is going in happily. I'm feeding her your veggie/meat mix instead of Solid Gold so she's getting no grain. We absolutely love her. She is adorable and full of spunk. She's been fearful of nothing so far. She's starting to pick up on her name and she comes running when we call her. She's the right combination of gusto and sweetness - she loves to cuddle and that suits David just fine. She's not been left unattended yet - right now it looks like it'll be months before she's ever left alone! In fact, as I write this, I have 4 dogs sleeping at my feet - Zip being one of them.
She is absolutely wonderful - we love her dearly! It also seems to me that she's quite happy here! You did a great job! I've never had a puppy so well adjusted when it first comes home! She loves to interact with us (we play tug and other fun games) but she's also content to entertain herself.
Thanks so much for placing her with us. We WILL definitely keep in touch and send you pictures and updates and we'll certainly be seeing you at shows in the future!