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MACH ADCH-Bronze Red Dawn Genuine Jaz TM-Silver, UDX, MX, MXJ, XF, RE, CGC, TDI,
Novice,Open and Elite Superior Versatility, Pro Master Dock diving, Herding Tested & Movie Star
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2005 :
NADAC National Elite Qualifier
USDAA Grand Prix, Steeplechase and Dam Team Qualifier

2006 :
NADAC National Elite Qualifier
USDAA Grand Prix Semi-Finalist, Steeplechase and Dam Team Qualifier

2007 :
NADAC National Elite Qualifier
USDAA Gran Prix, Steeplechase and Dam Team Qualifier
AKC National Qualifier
DOCNA National Qualifier
Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regional Winner in two Events
2nd Place in the 60 Weave Pole Challenge (Missed 1st Place by a 1/2 Pole)
2nd Place in the Large Dog Agility (Missed 1st Place by .09 sec.)
  *This Qualified Us for the Nationals in September 2007 in Missouri, they both will be televised

2008 :
AKC National Qualifier

MACH Masters Agility Dog Champion, AKC

Dad: Red-Dawn Paris      Mom:
Red Hot Ember

Red-Dawn's "Jaz" was featured on TV for the 2004 & 2005 USDAA Championship Trial held in Scottsdale AZ

Jaz's hips have been x-rayed free of dysplasia. Jaz lives in Arizona with owners Debbie, Bob & Heather and her little brother, Buddy, the Yorkie. She is training and showing in obedience, rally obedience, agility and conformation. She is also training to compete in frisbee, dock diving and flyball when Debbie has a little 'free' time!!! Jaz is in the Red-Dawn breeding program.

Jaz received her NADAC Superior Novice Versatility in just 6 trials in the 20" division. She is now working on her Open level titles and Debbie plans to get her Superior at all 3 levels of titling and then move on to a Superior Versatility NATCH. Jaz & Debbie have done so well that they have also received a High-In-Trial.

October 30 & 31, 2004 was Jaz's first USDAA trial. She WON the 22" Steeplechase against Masters dogs and received first places in Standard, Jumpers, Snooker & Pairs. Not bad for a 'Novice' dog...

Jaz and Debbie can be seen showing in AKC & USDAA agility in Arizona & California. In addition, look for them in the obedience ring- they're going all the way to OTCH.

Following are updates from mom Debbie:

Update on 9/22/03 from owner Debbie
Did you see her new photos..she is 34 lbs and 20 1/2", I think she is still growing. Jas is super calm and mellow now....but when you want action she turns it on like a switch.
I did take her to her first show last weekend, I will have to talk with you about it on the phone. She did great! Everybody loved her, I had some stud services offered, they liked her build, personality and likes! They like the way she moved.
Jas is doing so well, she is very gentle and quiet...a super house dog. She enjoys all the training I throw at her know matter what! We start another agility class with the same trainer Oct. 1. I have my very own agility course... Bob made most of it and I ordered a tunnel. He made a set of 12 poles, 5 jumps (different types), a table, A-frame, teeter, cat walk, and a chute. I found another place close to practice handling in the breed ring. We have another show coming in Oct.

Update from Debbie on 7/16/03
She did soooooooo well today in agility, we worked on the tunnel which she started doing it great just after 2 times showing her what we wanted, then she had a really great time doing it with me standing anywhere giving her the cue! with tons of excitement!!! Weave poles are fun also still just doing 4 but she always does very well. Trainer said she places feet very well when doing the poles and also stated that she is going to be great at doing the poles, she said that Jaz is well motivated and that her and I have a great shows because we work great together and that she is a very quick learner! We also work on ladder and target and get it and a small teeter.

Update from Debbie on 6/27/03
O.K. this is what Jaz and I are going to do .........
Tuesday evenings we are going to our Obedience class to do our
Monday morning we do our private agility class
Thursday evenings we do our conformation
Friday evenings we do our group agility class
Kodie Lavine is going to teach the group agility...SUPER lady!
Debbie Streeter is my private agility trainer.......She also is very GOOD!
Well she should be ready to do conformation shows in Sept.
We are going to have sooooo much FUN!

Update from Debbie on 5/8/03
I went and saw Mary at Partners today and this is what she said…..
Jasmine is a very friendly dog with people and other dogs she is a large female with a coat to die for !!!! She said her coat is very full and long. A very pretty face and that she is put together well. She said she will do well in the ring, she has a wonderful attitude.

Update from owner Debbie on 4/17/03
We just LOVE her soooooooo much !!!!!!

Are you sure she is not half fish? Jasmine does not need a toy to go in the pool, she just jumps in from anywhere. We have a rock waterfall and rock diving area which she jumps off. Is it O.K. for her to go under water? Because she does.
I have been working her in conformation, she is real intense with her expression and very willing to work.
Obedience is doing well, we do everything on leash very well and we do sit, down stays, recall/finish and stand stay off leash. Every verbal commands has a hand signal so you can give one or the other and she will respond.
Agility…. well, she will jump thru a tire on command or hand signal, she will do a platform down, I made very low jumps for her to go over and she will. We want to make a tunnel and teeter board to work. We have started the weave poles ( that really don't weave yet ) she has sooooooooo much FUN! I have her also turning her left and her right (verbal and hand). She is working with Buddy a lot better now. Of course she likes to go BYE-BYE. She is 18" at the withers and 28 lbs now. Ears are half way up….most of the time! She is addicted to toys and tennis balls!!!!! Very well mannered in the house!
Tricks…………all verbal or hand signal………roll over, back up, sit pretty, shake left hand and right hand, catch. She will pick up anything and bring it to me. There is soooooooooooo much she does I can't list it all!
Debbie & Jaz


She is from the Red Hot Ember and Red-Dawn Paris litter born November 2, 2002