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Haily's Pictures
Haily's Pedigree

CH Wildblue Hail Damage "Haily"
AKC Show Champion
            March 3, 2004- February 6, 2008

CH Wildblue Hail Damage

Parents: Ch Kybota Wildblue Rhythm
x Wildblue Wings of the Storm
  • Eyes CERF '04 '05 '07
  • Hips OFA Good
  • Heart OFA Normal
  • BAER Hearing Normal
  • Patellar OFA Normal
  • CL DNA Normal
  • CEA/CH DNA Carrier (not affected)

Haily won her AKC conformation championship January 7, 2005. She is a black & white long coat, 17" tall and 30 pounds, born March 3, 2004, co-owned by Amanda Milburn & Alicia Ward. We are happy with the quality that Wildblue kennels is producing and it certainly shows with our girl Haily.  We are very grateful to Deanne Veselka for allowing us to have this gorgeous girl. Haily has put an end to our prior belief that Australian line dogs were 'dead-heads'.  We're looking for ways to tone down this girl's drive. WOW, she's a nice dog. 

Haily is a very smart dog. She likes to think, is super intelligent, loves to learn and is not a dog to be kept as a pure pet, she needs daily mental stimulation. She is not the least hyper, but is active and needs daily exercise and mental challenging to be happy. She self-entertains very well, she'll spend hours in the yard playing with her toys and chasing butterflies. When inside she has very nice manners and will sit and watch TV on the couch & snuggle. Haily is friendly with all people, especially likes children, but is sensitive to dominant & loud people- she avoids them. Haily is fantastic with all types of dogs and lives amicably in her family's dog pack.
Structurally, Haily is one of our best dogs. She is quite sound, balanced, has an outstanding front, wonderful layback of shoulder, great rear angulation, level topline, great reach & drive, beautiful sidegate, firm pasterns and an over type of build Red-Dawn strives for. Haily finished her championship with ease.
Overall, Haily has an outstanding temperament and sound structure, a great example of the Border Collie breed. 
Bio about Haily, written by co-owner Amanda:
Haily is a very loyal dog and quite attentive to me, especially when I am working her. She is very focused on me and ignores everything else.  When we are not working, however, she will visit with everyone around, but will often come back to me to "check in."  Haily is somewhat sensitive to dominant, loud and large men, but is not afraid of them, just cautious. She's not the least bit skittish though in any situation.  Haily has enough drive to work for just about anything.  She will work equally well for food, toys, and praise.  She rarely needs correction. Haily responds to a minimal correction because she wants to please.  Haily has a very high pain tolerance, she could be kicked by a cow or corrected with a chain training collar and not be bother her in the least. Haily is self-confident and is not easily flattened like many border collies can be. 
Haily is a super social dog, that is content in the company of other dogs and people. She is miserable when she is alone.  The only exception is when she is outdoors.  She loves to run and chase passing planes and insects so she does not seem to notice that she is alone.  She can never be locked in a room away from the family and our other dogs, she will cry and pace a hole in her crate.
Haily has a lot of interest in retrieving and in catching.  She loves the Frisbee and has learned to do nice outruns and can jump quite high for the Frisbee.  Because her joints were formative while still was young we held off on Frisbee training until she was over 1 year old, but she took right to it naturally, she can really catch some air!  I started her on contact training for agility when she was a small puppy and she can do a sliding stop onto the downside contact and wait to be released.  I haven't started her officially in agility yet because we were focusing on her conformation career. 
Haily loves water and will swim for hours!!!  In fact, you have to make her take breaks so that she doesn't exhaust herself.  She has no fear of diving in full force and we have worked with her taking running jumps off of the diving board.  Haily will even jump into the pool with my friend's little girls and try to "rescue" them.  She swims up to them and gets them to grab onto her and she will swim them to the steps.  Sometimes I think she has herself mistaken for a water rescue dog... she can dive under water to retrieve toys that have fallen to the bottom of the pool. 
We have not regularly trained her on sheep yet, but, starting at 8 months old we saw she had the natural ability to do a nice wide outrun, fetch the sheep to us and would do some driving. We liked the talent she showed right off the bat.