Red-Dawn Border Collies  



Red Dawn Merlot

Merlot was born in 2000. Her father is McCord's Sam. Her mother is a McCord's Stetson daughter. Her hips are OFA "Good", elbows OFA "normal" and eyes CERF Normal. Merlot & Red Dawn Paris pups were born November, 2002. Six Blue Merle pups were born.

Merlot takes after her both her grandmother's looks, short coat, small build and tri color. Merlot's dad, Sam, has produced many dogs that compete in Agility, Flyball, Frisbee, Herding and Conformation. Merlot and her siblings have a very strong retrieve drive, small athletic build and great coordination, making them extraordinary Frisbee dogs.

Merlot was co-owned by Alicia Ward (Red Dawn) and Taylor Haggard when her litter was born. She is fully owned by Taylor today. Taylor is a child. His mother is a German Shepherd breeder. He is a very dog savvy boy, a great dog trainer and has tons of natural abilities with dogs. When Taylor turned 6 years old his mom decided he needed his very own dog that he would be 100% responsible for. The Shepherds were too large and overpowering for a young boy, so she decided a small Border Collie would be the right match. The rest is history. Merlot and Taylor are best buds. He completely potty, obedience and trick trained Merlot by himself. She adores her boy and is devoted to him. They have very elaborate games they play together, hide-and-seek being a favorite. From what we adults can tell, their games are so complex and intricate that we would never be able to win....

Taylor loves to tell Merlot to 'herd' the horses and neighbor's cattle. Not exactly safe, but tons of fun for a Border Collie and her Boy. She takes them anywhere Taylor dictates- quite impressive really- considering neither one has ever been formally 'trained'. She also herds his chickens. Taylor has started teaching Merlot some Agility. We have to make sure that Merlot actually learns Agility the RIGHT WAY because Taylor thinks it is all too simple and more elaborate rules should apply.