Red-Dawn Border Collies  


Athletic Ability

Athletic ability has a few elements: proper conditioning, healthy body and body structure built to run and jump well. The first one is dependent on the environment, the last two are mostly genetic.

I like a balanced Border Collie with moderate and correct structure. By far most Border Collies are decently angulated in the rear, some overly angulated and severely cow-hocked. Lacking is front angulation and breath of chest producing dogs that toe out significantly, break down physically and lack reach in the front. Next up, weak pasterns- common in the breed. Lastly, roached top line and weak backs. With this in mind I choose breeding dogs to improve the breed's weaknesses and minimized the faults.

I prefer leggy dogs and medium/lean bodies are my favorite. I like standard size 30-40 lbs and smaller. I have multiple dogs that are under-standard near 17" tall and under 30#. I'm thrilled, it is a very nice size for 16" AKC jump height in agility. I don't like oversized heavy dogs (like many of the Aussie/NZ imports in the conformation ring) that are over 45#. I like medium and shorter coats.  All my girls jump well. I'm 5'3" and all the girls can jump as high as my head; Alli has cleanly jumped over me to get in the truck bed.