Red-Dawn Border Collies  


Getting a Red Dawn Border Collie Puppy

If you are interested in getting more information and possibly getting on the waiting list for one of my pups, please review my Puppy Buyer Questionnaire and email it to me filled out with detailed answers. I'll read through it to decide if you're a good match for a puppy from me, then call or email you to converse further. After we've talked I'll send you the Contract for you to fill out, sign and mail me a $200 deposit to reserve a puppy. By the time puppies are born it is common for me to already have multiple deposits on that litter, so waiting to see how the pups turn out may exclude you from getting a pup from that litter. You may also send me a contract and deposit to be on my general waiting list. You may at any time choose to be placed on a particular litter of your choosing and if a pup is not born to meet your criteria, you may wait for a future litter. I will hold your deposit for up to 1 year, after that time if you have not chosen a pup you'll need to start the process over.

I only sell my pups to performance homes, absolutely no pets... My definition of a pet is a dog whose purpose is to be a companion. The only expectation that an owner should have from his pet is to be loving, take nice walks, play a little when the family is ready and be generally obedient. Border Collies do not do well in that scenario. They need more mental and physical stimulation than the average home can allow. So if your plans are to have a Border Collie to enjoy a dog sport like Agility, Frisbee, Flyball, Obedience, Tracking or Schutzhund; or you plan to have a real working dog to Herd on your farm, do Search and Rescue or Drug/ Bomb Detection, Id love to work with you. For those of you who are looking for a Border Collie as a pet, please consider adopting an adult. Many wonderful adult Border Collies are in need of a home. A Border Collie of any age bonds very quickly and is willing to please. By adopting an adult, you know what you are getting in temperament, health and size. This allows you to get the EXACT dog you are looking for. Be sure to enroll in an obedience class right away so both of you learn how to communicate with each other.
Many dogs for adoption are well trained and a joy to be with.

                Please consider Adoption.