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Red-Dawn Border Collies Philosophy

I wrote this info below to you, the prospective puppy owner, so you can decide if I'm the right breeder for your next border collie. By reading this you should be able to understand why I breed border collies, what I breed for and my breeding goals for the future. Feel free to email or call me to learn more.     Alicia

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Border Collies, Bree, Splash & Paris Border Collies, Joon, Aiden & Jolie Chris Cagle, singer with border collie, Bree
Bree, Splash, Paris Family of 3: Joon, Aiden, Jolie singer, Chris Cagle & Bree Kimi
Kiss Kiss with pups (Aiden's) Reese held by David Kiss x Aiden pup
Mint Quinlan Reese Spree
Kitty with pups (Roy's) Bling Cat (Libby) Kitty with pups (Pairs')
Brock & Kren Brock & Kren Lucy with pups (Aiden's) Josey meeting a foal
Josey (on horse) with family Paris Paris Ruby x Paris pups
Spree Tucker Molly Seeker
Seeker x Aiden pups Sicily- Barny littermate Tuttie with her boy, Colt Stetson- Tuttie X Paris pup
Latigo- Tuttie X Paris pup Cinch- Tuttie X Paris pup Boots- Tuttie X Paris pup Xander - Tuttie X Paris pup