Red-Dawn Border Collies  


Red-Dawn Questions for Prospective Owners
(Please cut & paste this and send your answers in an email. Please change the color &/or type of your answers)
How long until you are ready for a new dog?
Now / In the next couple of months / 6 months to a Year away / More than a Year away / Anytime / Other: ________________

What litter are you interested in?                                         (if you don't know, answer: Any Litter)


Your name, address, phone numbers & email:

List your age range:
Under 18    /     18-25    /    25-35    /    35-45    /    45-55    /    55-65    /    Over 65

Sex you want:  Male    Female    Either Sex
List Colors you'll take for your pup:      Any Color    /     Black    /     Red    /    Blue    /     Gold    /    Merle    /     Tri markings    /     Bi markings   

Primary purpose for purchasing this pup/ Goal for this dog: (i.e. agility/ herding/ pet etc)

Tell me which character traits you WANT in a dog:

Tell me which character traits you DO NOT want in a dog:


Explain what a high drive, high energy, strong work ethic type of Border Collie means to you. AND do you want that type of dog?

Choose one of the following traits that best describes your ideal choice of a Border Collie:

High energy/ high drive for serious sport competition. To be successful with this type of dog you must be athletic, experienced in the sport you plan to train the dog in, plan to keep the dog on a serious training regimen for the dog's entire life. You aspire to be on the World Team or win at Nationals. You are familiar with the behavior problems that are associated with a high drive dog and plan to curb the problems before they arise.
Medium energy/ good drive
for enjoyable sport competition. You are either new to dog sports or you are experienced and want another dog for dog sports that is manageable, easy to live with, easy to train and a dog that can take you as far as you'd like in competition, but you're not a die-hard competitor. You're happy competing at the local level for titles and perhaps qualifying and competing at Nationals would be great too.
Easy going
for a good pet temperament and casual sport dog. You're new to dog sports, this is your first Border Collie, you're 'not as young as you used to be' or you have a family that takes up much of your time etc. You want a dog that is good with kids, can play ball longer than you can go, a dog that is physically capable of a dog sport, but you may not compete unless you and the dog are both having fun at the sport. You need a very easy to live with dog that will not bother you to train it all day long.

Tell me about your living arrangements.
Do you have a house or apartment?
Do you have a fenced yard? What is the size of the yard and how tall is the fencing?
Where will the dog spend most of the day?
Do you plan to crate train? How long per day will the dog be in a crate?
What is your schedule and lifestyle & how will it relate (or not relate) to your dog?

What type of career do you have?

If you have children or grandchildren that live with or very near you? Do you need a dog to be a buddy for the kids?
If you have dogs, cats or other household animals, please tell me what kind, their ages/sex and how will they relate to a new puppy.
Please tell me about accomplishments, awards & experiences with dogs that tells me your understanding of Border Collies & training dogs.
If you have a trainer, mentor, or dog club that you're a part of, please tell me about them and their contact info so I may contact them as a reference.
If you don't have dog related references (see above question) please supply a couple people who know you that I can call as a reference.
What brand or type of food do you plan to feed this new dog?
Do you have enough money ($10,000 or more) in savings or available in credit cards OR would you use pet health insurance for your new dog? (the reason I bring this up is because I spent $7,000 trying to keep one of my dogs alive- he did not make it, and I spent $10,000 over the course of 18 months on surgeries & therapy to reconstruct one of my dog's injured leg)
Do you want to keep this pup sexually intact and breed?
What questions do you have for me?