Red-Dawn Border Collies  



Hershey Kiss        June 24, 2000 - January 26, 2004

Kiss was a treasure and I dearly loved her. She tragically was killed at 3 1/2 years of age.

I bought Kiss from a friend summer of 2002. She spent one month with me to get started in agility. Then went off to herding camp. She only received one month of herding training then off to a dairy farm to live and work. My first concern is herding and Kiss needed to make the 'cut' before I'd keep and breed her. Well...... she's a quick study and a very handy girl on the farm. She came back after x-mass and is back in agility training

Kiss was a super Frisbee dog. Very determined, athletic and never tiring. I personally can't throw worth a darn, so I had a handler for competition. She won the Regional Championship in the time trial and 3rd in the pairs time trial handled by Jody Christopher & Keith Whitehouse. Thanks guys- you did a great job with her!!

Kiss showed in conformation. She received a 3 point major in May 2003. A second 3 point major in July 2003. She received a total of 9 points towards her AKC Championship.

Kiss was 35 pounds, 19" tall, chocolate and white, short/ medium coat, rose tipped ears, dishy face, compact body, well muscled and cute. Very correct build. Looked and acted like she's still a pup. She was a spunky girl. If she were a person she'd be a bouncy comedian. Full of life and fun. She never met a stranger, had nerves of steel, sweet as can be and smart. Kiss was the cutest thing on 4 feet and tons of fun. Very interactive.

Hips OFA "Good", Elbows OFA "Normal", Eyes CERF "Normal", BAER hearing "Normal"