Red-Dawn Border Collies  



Tutti & Aiden 2006 Border Collie Puppiesborder collie puppies, tutti's litter- SOLD

border collie puppies, tutti's litterBorn January 24, 2006.
Three girls, Two boys.
1 red merle boy, 1 red tri boy.
1 red merle girl, 2 red tri girls.

This litter of border collie puppies will be easy-going, easy to train and easy to live with. Pups should have short coats with some fringe.  Medium energy, good work ethic, natural retrieve drive, very loving & affectionate, people pleaser, outgoing, happy, stable, not sound sensitive, not sight sensitive, great with children, medium eye on livestock, biddable, fairly soft natured.  This litter is a great choice for people wanting to enjoy all the traits of a Border Collie, but don't want to deal with a hyper dog with excess energy.
border collie puppies, tutti's litterAt three days old the puppies had their front dew claws removed. The puppies' eyes will be CERF examined by the Ophthalmologist at 6-7 weeks and the litter will be Volhard Temperament tested at 6 weeks. This temperament test helps you choose the right pup for your needs. If you're interested in a puppy you can reserve a pup after filling out this Questionnaire and talking with Alicia on the phone. View the Contract. The deposit is $200 to reserve a puppy, total price is $800. At or just before 8 weeks of age you may come to Dallas, Texas to pick up your pup from our home, or we can ship the pup to you on American, Delta or Continental Airlines: $250 total for shipping: flight, crate & health certificate from the veterinarian.

Puppies pictured at 4 weeks old on 02-21-06

"January" Male- red tri

"February" Female- red tri

"March" Male- red tri Merle

"April" Female- red tri

red merle tri

red tri

red tri

 red tri

"January" Male red tri

"February" Female red tri

"March" Male red tri Merle

"April" Female red tri

This is an Aiden & Tutti pup from a litter January 2005. Bo is a
short coat red merle tri pictured at 7 months, so he's gangly in the pictures.
He was solid 3's on his Volhard test as a pup, works cattle every day and is a
mild mannered dog that gets along with all people and lives at a stable
roaming the 30 acres at will. He's a nice dog, biddable, sweet and obedient.

This is an adult female red tri from another Tutti & Aiden litter. 20' tall, 31#